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Twisted Cider to run London Marathon

Eight years ago Ben Weller and Shane Green from Twisted Cider decided to run the London Marathon together. Why? Why does anyone run a Marathon? Nobody likes blisters on their feet, nobody likes aching joints, and exhaustion. Exhaustion so intense, physically you want to collapse, mentally you want to cry. Nobody that is, who has never gone the distance... Less than 1% of people will complete a Marathon in their lives, so why do it?

The answer to that question is to raise money for a charity because you or someone you know has suffered and you want to help or because you believe in the work the charity is doing and deep down by completing this task not only will you have achieved something magnificent you will have helped changed lives for those your chosen charity supports.

Twisted Cider is a small artisan cider producer in Longburton, Dorset and Cancer Research UK has been Twisted Ciders charity of choice for some years now with Ben Weller doing his second marathon and Shane Green running his third marathon in April. Their passion for Cancer Research UK came in 2006 when Shane Green was diagnosed with skin cancer which hit him and his friend Ben hard.  At the age of 24 and from a little town it never seemed possible that skin cancer would affect Shane but thanks to Cancer Research UK’s dedication to carrying out pioneering work, developing new ways on how to find, treat and beat over two hundred types of Cancer, Shane was able to get a successful diagnosis when the disease was at its early stages. Undergoing surgery to have the cancer removed Shane is still with us here today and raising money to beat the disease.

Earlier last year four noble men, led by Ben and Shane, ran the Bath Half Marathon carrying a Cider Press with the aim to raise £1000 and raised £4000 for Cancer Research UK. The Cider Press was seen as a challenge within a challenge to help raise more money and it worked.

So 8 long years have passed and Ben and Shane have still not fulfilled their ambition. Until now! There\'s a new dawn on the horizon, a new challenge in the making, a new opportunity to combine the things they love. Making money for Cancer Research UK and washing it down with Cider. The 2013 London Marathon beckons them, and sadly with places in the event hard to come by only two press carriers have achieved entry to the most famous race in the world.

Making their challenge twice as hard they are doing it because they know that whatever life has to throw at you, inner strength will keep you going. No matter how many times you\'ve been chewed up and spat out you will keep on moving forward. No painkiller is more effective than the cheers of the crowd, the extra loud roar of your charity group, the sight of the finish line and the knowledge of having raised money for your charity. How\'d you like them apples, pain?!

Over the next 3 months both their target is to raise another £4000 for Cancer Research UK and they can only do this with your help. Not just by donating money but by spreading the word and getting your friends and family to follow and support us. And on April 21st 2013 we hope to hear your encouraging voices motivating us around the gruelling 26.2 miles.

Support the cause and sponsor us online; or text \'PRES69\' with your amount ‘£?’ to 70070.

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SWECA's position on Minimum Unit Pricing

Statement by SWECA relative to Minimum Unit Pricing (MUP)

The South West of England Cider Makers’ Association (SWECA) issued a statement on 17th April, 2012 saying that the introduction of MUP might unfairly penalise cider makers and would not, in our view, address levels of alcohol misuse – though we recognise that misuse is a serious issue that does require positive action. Our position is unchanged.
Some comment and speculation recently suggests we are actively lobbying on this issue. This is not true. We are ready and willing to talk with any interested party about how this specific proposal or any policy suggestion might affect our members and the wider cider industry.

At this time we have not had discussions with any group or individual. When and if we do, we will listen to what people have to say as we are interested to understand the views on this topic. To date, in our view, the debate has been characterised by lots of heat, but little light – and that is not useful.

Improvements at Lawrence's Cider

John Lawrence at Lawrence's Cider has just completed a major piece of work extending his workshop and replacing his milling and pressing set up.

John exchanged a hydraulic Voran pack press and basic electric mill for a brand-new belt press and washer elevator mill, both by Voran.

Of the improvements, John says: "It should make my life a lot easier."

Helping the region’s growers and makers

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